Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wooden board builders in Colorado

"Carve began in the minds and hands of Ryan and Jamison Witbeck in the Spring of 1999. While building their first handmade 50’ wooden catamaran, Allura, they began working out designs for the surfboard line. For the next ten years, the boys pursued their boat building and chartering careers in the US Virgin Islands, building yet another 50’ catamaran, Kekoa. Throughout this time, the brothers continued building and designing what would become the Carve surfboard quiver, keeping the surfboard dream alive. Finally, in 2011, Ryan left the Caribbean and moved back to Colorado to bring the board business to reality."
"Carve found its new home in Lyons CO, where Ryan quickly built the team that would put Carve on the map. Carve, for the last year, has been located at The Farmette in Lyons, in a humble board shop next to the Farmette Creek. With more of the shop located outdoors than indoors, increased demand and harsh winters have driven the boys to seek greener pastures.   Luckily, fate took pity on the cold and damp crew and opened up a rental space in downtown Lyons.  Putting the cart in front of the horse tends to light a fire under one’s rear, so fear of failure be damned!  We’re taking Carve to new heights!"

 The crew outside their old digs
All moved in and ready for action
For the lake or river
sliding the glide
"Currently, our boards are constructed chiefly of Beetle Kill Pine (BKP), a surplus pine from Colorado that the state has been forced to clear cut due to the fungus spread by the mountain pine beetle. Mountainsides of dead BKP have become tinder boxes, which along with drought, lead to the massive Colorado fires in the summer of 2012. Carve took advantage of this surplus and began implementing the pine into our boards; it is a conscientious use of a resource that may otherwise go unused."

If you would like to contact the guys , order a board or find out more :

Carve Industries Nosh from Carve on Vimeo.

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