Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The "Wood Buddha's" new build

Torsten Kofler (a.k.a. Wood Buddha) has been hard at work, finishing off his Big Guy Nugget and getting it ready for the Wooden Board Day in August.
The board is a hollow wooden incarnation based on a Geoff McCoy single fin design.
He’s been sneaking out of the house and down to his workshop at night to finish off his latest creation, which he’s named Fat Rick.
“I usually wait till Mrs. Wood Buddha settles down on the couch at night with a hot chocolate and a Tim-Tam to watch her weekly episodes of Offspring and Revenge. While she’s distracted I sneak out the back to do a bit of work on the board” he explained.
The board is constructed using plantation grown paulownia. It’s a hollow wooden design, with solid laminated rails, internally laminated with 4oz fibreglass and epoxy resin. The deck and hull are finished with epoxy resin. The board also sports an 8 inch camphor laurel fin.

Gluing and clamping the ribs, stringer and first inside rail band.
Soaking up some rays outside the ashram waiting for the deck skin to go on.
  Gluing the deck and hull skins to the frame in the vacuum bag
Gluing the rail bands to the sides.
Shaping the rails
A router and jig for the 10" fin box. A slightly nervous moment. Lots of meditation and measuring twice before I cut this slot.
Finished with two coats of epoxy (no glass) and a camphor laurel fin.
Outside the ashram enjoying the sunshine and waiting for a test ride.
Torsten has posted some great pics and lots of detail of his build on his blog. He has also shared his experiences and fixes for things as he has gone along. Where he got his vacuum bag from and how he went about it. All the details and pictures on the full board build are available at:

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