Monday, September 24, 2012

Patagonia Paipo Day

Patagonia Burleigh Heads in conjunction with Dovetail Surfboards presented a DIY Paipo Workshop held on 22 September 2012. The class of 10 participants ranged from locals to die hard surf craft enthusiasts all the way from Brisbane.
Here is a report from Keith the manager and organiser of the day at Patagonia Burleigh.

 "Geoff and Jack Moase from Dovetail Surfboards introduced themselves and walk us through the steps to create a Paipo, or wooden belly board, from a Paulownia blank.  From there the class (most being astute surfers themselves) got stuck in and started experimenting with different templates and combinations of nose, rails, tails and concaves. What transpired were creative, unique, and really inspiring craft that, once oiled, will be out in the water and sitting deep in the pocket.
It was a warm and wonderful day. Some of the guys didn’t have tools so everyone pitched in and shared, and at the end all lent a hand in cleaning up the sawdust and hand planer spirals which scattered the ground. The shop provided a BBQ lunch and with some cool drinks on hand we all managed to keep hydrated and complete the shaping process. All that is left is the artwork and a coat of oil to finish seal it and then they’re off to the water."

Check out the pics HERE


Monday, September 17, 2012

The new Alaia

 James just sent through these shots of his latest Alaia to share.
Board is Paulownia with Australian Ceder keels. 6'1 X 19' X 1' James with his 1st alaia that has snapped a few times and been glued back together and reshaped a bit and Tim with the latest version.
Here is a little vid of his latest timber board in action at Lorne Point, Vic.

Next Gen Alaia Hybrid 1 of 2

A winters day

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Rocker Bed

 Tony Crimmins is always thinking of new ways of building his boards and this is his latest idea he has to share.
  " After admiring the smooth rocker on Geoff's board at the Wooden Board Show last month I decided it was time to take control over the rocker in my boards and stop just crossing my fingers and hoping the rocker curve would still be there after everything was glued together.  After a little web surfing and a few trips to Bunnings this is what I have come up with.  3m long x 650mm wide with 22 cross rails which should keep things where they are meant to be."

"  Best bit is that when it is not being used the cross rails can be taken off and stacked under the bench and the front edge unbolted and pushed to the back of the bench leaving about 700mm of work bench free to work on.  Happy Days.  TC "
I great idea well executed , which is not surprising. Thanks for sharing Tony.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another sucessful course

 August Workshop 2012
Another Tree to Sea Australia Workshop finished in Victoria, 5 Mals and 3 fish were made in better than average weather for this time of year. One of the participants, Bruce, sent us this very kind email, which I think sums up the feelings of all who attended.
 Rob and Gary
"Certainly enjoyed the workshop, meeting and working with the group was the most important on reflection... went to make a board for myself and come away with more... made for a great exprience on many levels.
A big thanks to Rob and Gary, a very hetic 3 days for you, but your patience along with your guidance showed in the results."
If you are keen to do a course or organise one as a gift for someone, then check out : of contact Rob and Gary at

How strong is your wooden board?

 Dan Johnston like a lot of us get asked this question, so he put this together. "I thought your blog group/friends would like to see how tough wood boards can be. I had one returned with the nose snapped off, a 6" rip of the wood and glass on top/bottom and one side. The kid just said 'it broke'. All I know is he really did it hard against something that wasn't going to move. No water inside so his story doesn't match reality. It's fixed and looks perfect but maybe some day he'll tell us what really happened."

You take care.
Kindest regards,


A special board

 Peter Walker, one of this years guest speakers at the Wooden Board Day was commissioned to build a very special gift.
 This board was commissioned by the University of South Australia as the official  farewell gift for outgoing Vice Chancellor Peter Hoj.
 7'6" hollow Paulownia,  Stephen Bowers painting, Mark Taylor of Mid Coast Surf , glassing
Here is the proud new owner, Peter Hoj with ex prime minister of Australia Bob Hawk.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The birthday board

Geoff Moase of Dovetail Surfboards in Burleigh Head had a request for a Balsa board for a birthday present. So the first thing he had to set out was the rocker bed and the stringer for the
 6' 4" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/2" board.
 He milled all the Balsa and positioned it on the rocker bed
Then he builds the rails and creates the structure of the board before then adding the frames

The deck about to go on and seal her all up
Geoff on the left with another happy customer with a very special board.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY Paipo workshop

DIY Paulownia Paipo Workshop 
 Saturday , September 22  |  11am - 3pm
Come and join us for a creative day shaping your own Paipo or wooden bellyboard. Geoff and Jack Moase from Dovetail Surfboards will guide you through the steps and the details in the paulownia construction of these unique and popular watercraft. The cost of $75 will include lunch, your paipo blank and the use of some tools. Further details upon reservation.
Refreshments available for purchase.

Location : Patagonia Store , 15 James Street , Burleigh Heads.

Call the store to reserve a spot :  07 5576 1901