Saturday, June 9, 2018

The second edition of the European Wooden Surfboard Day is on! 24th-25th August, Playa de Berria, Cantabria, Spain.

After the amazing response and feedback from all the participants in the first European Wooden Meet, we’ve decided to go for a second edition. We must do it! The vibe and enthusiasm that reigned at the beach park was unforgettable, with 28 wooden builders from 11 countries and 80 eco surfboards on display. It was all about love, passion and commitment. At the Wooden Meet we demonstrated that things can be done in a much responsible and greener way. If the surboard manufacturing industry does not follow is not due to lack of alternatives!        

2018 event shedule at Berria Beach
August 24th, Friday afternoon
Bring your favourite selfmade craft to the beach and let’s share it in a session of pure fun. 
August 24th, Friday night
CHAT & BEER with Grant Newby
We’re honored to annunce the participation of Wooden Day's founder Grant Newby, who wil give us an inside in how the "green movement" has grown since the first Wooden Day held in Australia 10 years ago.  
August 25th, saturday morning
Bring your boards, alaias, hand planes, bodyboards, surfies or whatever you have been building and having fun on as long as it is made of wood or with eco friendly materials. Just lay them out in the park, find a spot to have a picnic lunch and be ready to spend a day of celebration with other like-minded wooden board builders, craftsmen and enthusiasts from all over the world. 

We hope you can join us and we can meet to spend a day by the sea!
Please, feel free to share the event with friends and anyone you think might be interested.
Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Salud y olas!

Sergi "Flama" GalanĂ³
European Wooden Surfboard Meet

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Learn to build a wooden board in beatuiful Gisbone New Zealand

Come and join us this winter to get in touch with your creative side and shape your own timber surfboard. What better place to do it than on the doorstep of one of New Zealand’s most consistent and beautiful surfing beaches here in Gisborne? You could even make a long weekend of it and spend a day or two notching up your wave count.

The workshops run over two days, and we provide you with everything you need, even a bit of lunch, to get up close and personal with your new board.

How it works:
Choose a board from our range, or work with us to create your own custom shape.  We’ll prepare the blank for you using our timber wrap technique*. Everything will be ready for you to come and complete the shaping over the weekend of your choice.
The way these boards are constructed, the finished rocker, concaves and deck roll are already present on the blank - so over the two days, you get to shape in the rails and perfect that final shape. We’ll provide you with all the tools and guidance required.
You then leave the board with us,  we take care of the glassing and get it ready to hit the water.  You can then either collect it from us a few weeks later, or we can arrange to get it shipped to you.
So if this sounds like a great way to spend a winter weekend, drop us a note using the form and let us know which date and board you are interested in.  We’ll shoot you an email back to answer any queries you may have, or simply book you in.

Winter Weekend Workshop pricing:
Up to 8' - $1800
Over 8' - $2000
Custom design +$250
(please note - we are currently updating the website with the board models available)

*Timber Wrap Technology EPS foam core wrapped in NZ grown Paulownia completed with laminated Paulownia rails. We’ve been riding this construction for a good while now and the result is a fast, responsive and durable surfboard.

We have a great range of shapes and sizes.