Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 5ft 8" Cotton Fish

Great shape and combination of wood and fabric

You just have to love the grain and detail
Felipe Siebert from Brasil is forever building beautiful wooden boards and they just get cleaner and simpler . Great detail and this board with the use of fabric is such a nice combination. Love what he does and if you want to check it out :
www.siebertsurfboards.com or www.siebertsurfboards.blogspot.com

Friday, March 26, 2010

A hot Hot Curl, too good not to share

Is this not one of the most beautiful boards you have seen ? A great mix of grains and colours and so beautifully crafted. I came across this and just had to put it out the. The board was built by Dennis Murphy who has been making boards for some 40 years in foam Redwood or Balsa.

Check out Dennis at : www.murphysurfboards.com

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old boards to new board

These old fence palings were coming off to be replaced and so Andrew Wells from Grown Surfboards just had an idea of what to do with them.
Cleaned up and through the thicknesser and this is what is uncovered . Beautiful Redgum.

Redgum deck with Paulownia rails and bottom makes for a great contrast.

You might just be looking at the neighbours fence a little differently from now on.

Check out Andrews boards on : www.grownsurfboards.com.au

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nathan needed a bigger fish.

Nathan Grey down in Sydney builds some pretty sweet boards and he just sent me these great shots to share.
" Here are some pictures of a 6'4’’ 19.5’’ 2.5’’ rocket fish I built.
I needed a longer sleeker fish for those bigger days, and she flies."

" The board is built from paulownia with a 6 ounce epoxy glass job, bottom shape is a fair bit of V through the nose then blending to a deep double barrel concave."

" The board is really bladed out through the tail and has a fair bit of passive flex through her."

" Sorry about the pictures with wax on the board, the swell came up before I had a chance to get photos of her clean.

Hey I am looking forward to getting me and the family up to your end of the country for the wooden board day in August.
And hopefully I will get some time between now and then to get a couple of funky ideas I have built. "


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Huck is on a roll.

Just got sent these shots from Huck of a 7ft 6" Hybrid Bonzer he is building and above are the fins in the making. His next project is a 6ft 7" fish for himself. He has his own method of building out the rails and construction process that he is working on . You can check out what he is up to on his blog -

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"The Super Nug" by Timberline Surfboards

Raphael Wolfe from Timberline Surfboards just sent me these pics to share of a new shape they have come up with, The Super Nug. It is 5ft 7" and basically a fish with a rounded tail. V single to double concave with performance rails. This one is going to be set up as a quad.Raphael is the wood man in this board building venture. The boards are shaped in foam by Ryan Lovelace who has his own brand - Point Concept. The Raphael goes to it with Paulownia and other timber to create their distinctive boards. With luck we could see Raphael at the Wooden Board Day in August.

Check out the guys work at - www.timberlinesurf.com

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tony Crimmins with a new board under way

Tony started with setting out the outline on his work bench and then setting up the 8mm ( laminated 2 x 4mm) Paulownia stringer. You can see he has used metal brackets to set the stringer up nice and true.
Pretty solid stringer, a great starting point. You only get a good result by making sure you have a good starting point with stringer and frames all nice and true and that they all fit together well.
All Paulownia skins glued up and excess trimmed off.
He has glassed the under side of the deck and the bottom
A bit more strength added in the nose area as there isn't much thickness there when it is all shaped down.
Frames all set up and top rail band on
Extra blocks glued in for the goretex breather to be fitted later
More timber needed for the beefing up of the fin area.
He has trued everything up and made sure it lines up to the outline and that all the frames are level so as to not get any twist. And then he has glued the small pieces of wood on the ends of the frames to hold it all in place.
Glue it up , all hands on deck with the clamps and sand bags. You can only do this if you have everything lined up and in place and locked down and able to take the weight. Otherwise when you add the weight it will twist and distort the frames. Not good.
Deck on. Those small pieces of wood glued on the ends of the frames take the weight of the sand bags and hold everything in place as the glue goes off. Once the deck is on with all those glue points on all those frames , then it is very strong and not going anywhere. Put the time in to fit everything and check that it goes together without lots of effort in a dry run or two to make life easy for yourself. Have all your gear ready. Clamps ready and in easy reach. With this many you may need a spare set of hands as well.With paulownia be sure not to have tha clamps mark the top surface too much as you will have to sand it out. Line the sand bags down the middle of the board to hold the deck skin in place and lined up to your marks. Then clamp away.

Check out Tony's other projects and progress on his blog :

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check out the wooden boards at The Alley Fish Fry Sunday 14th March

There are an ever increasing number of great looking wooden boards turning up at the Fish Fry each year. I know guys who are flat out finishing special project fishes to bring along this year. Come and check them out.


Bobby Crisp from Wellington has some special boards coming for the Fish Fry ...

A Paipo board getting the finishing touches...
Bobby Crisp , came to last years Wooden Board Day and turned up with some very intricate inlay boards , which is something he seems to specialise in and do very well. He is flat out building and finishing boards to bring to the Fish Fry.

Check out Bobby at : www.deluxeindustries.co.nz

and www.deluxindustries.blogspot.com