Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nathan needed a bigger fish.

Nathan Grey down in Sydney builds some pretty sweet boards and he just sent me these great shots to share.
" Here are some pictures of a 6'4’’ 19.5’’ 2.5’’ rocket fish I built.
I needed a longer sleeker fish for those bigger days, and she flies."

" The board is built from paulownia with a 6 ounce epoxy glass job, bottom shape is a fair bit of V through the nose then blending to a deep double barrel concave."

" The board is really bladed out through the tail and has a fair bit of passive flex through her."

" Sorry about the pictures with wax on the board, the swell came up before I had a chance to get photos of her clean.

Hey I am looking forward to getting me and the family up to your end of the country for the wooden board day in August.
And hopefully I will get some time between now and then to get a couple of funky ideas I have built. "


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