Friday, January 30, 2009

Hollow Balsa mini Simmons

Nathan Grey has just finished this little masterpiece - " 5-7" 22.5" 2.5" hollow balsa simfish, with a S deck and underneath hull up front blending to single concave.

I have surfed it a few times and the thing goes like the clappers."

Nathan Greys latest little fish

Nathan Grey is a great wooden board builder out of Sydney and his latest little fish is 5-9" 20.5" 2.5" hollow cedar fish with solid balsa rails.

" It has got a bit of V through the nose and then flat blending into a single

concave that runs through the keels. I have not surfed this one since it is for a young guy in Perth, I have been

very tempted."

Mate I am sure the guy in Perth will be mighty stoked to have this little craft.

We look forward to seeing you up here with some boards in August.

Ben's new 9 footer.

Here's some pics of Ben Hammant's new 9 footer which he has just finished today.  The board is once again of hollow wood design with 7mm ply frame.  It has strips of paulownia and western red cedar for the deck and bottom.  The rails are solid and have been made out of the same with a little ply in between for looks.  The nose and tail blocks and fin are the same,  The boards dimensions are 9' x 22 3/4" x 3" and it weighs 10.4kg.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Max Salgado in Santiago Chile starts his first board.

Max has just sent me these pics of him in the process of making his first board. A 7ft 1" board with a ply frame and hardwood rails . Max will update us on his progress in the future. People everywhere are having a go and it is great to see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Andrew Wells from Grown Surfboards is heading for the Fish Fry with some nice wooden numbers.

Andrew said " he has been making timber fish for the last year or so and has just started making a few boards for his mates…they all wanted to take them out for a ride and once they ride a timber fish they’re hooked! (pun intended!) So he has been knocking out a few boards for them, and he has recently set up a  website " So check out his boards and what he is doing. He is moving up to Lennox at the end of the month and will bring some boards to The Alley Fish Fry so if you are there check them out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ben Hammant just finished his bamboo fish.

Ben is from the Central Coast NSW and has a blog Buff Boards. He has just finishes this 6ft 4" fish that he made out of solid bamboo floor boards he had left over from his reno. Its a hollow design with bamboo internal frame with laminated Paulownia rails and Camphor Laurel nose and tail blocks. Finished with bamboo keels. Check out his blog for more details and other projects he is working on. Great to see people using different materials and building methods.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First board for Peter Davis

Peter Davis on the Gold Coast has just finished his first board from plans he found on line. He has done a great job of this Okanui design and is now keen to take on the challenge of a more modern design. Looking forward to his next project. Good one mate.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wood is Good and Tom is the man to put it up there...

Tom congratulations on this recognition for all your efforts and with what you have done for wooden boards. For taking us back to our roots with the Alaia and showing surfers across the board ( no pun intended ) what it really feels like and where it all began. Not hi tech , simple and the simple pleasure that is surfing - riding a wave on the most basic of things , a piece of wood. All be it crafted by someone who understands what it is all about.

An innovative , light weight honey comb construction by Kevin Cunningham from Rhode Island. USA

Kevin has a very interesting background in design , wood working and construction. All of which he is combining to explore innovative surfboard design using alternative materials and methods to build green and sustainable boards. Check out his site and blog

Tony's fish ready for action

Tony Crimmins from Brisbane has his 7ft fish back glassed and polished for Christmas. Nice job Tony.Plywood frame and skins with cork and balsa laminated rails.