Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rasta at Sunset on finless Alaia.

Now this is extreme ? Dave Rastavich taking the drop at Sunset on his Alaia. A skinny arse finless piece of wood. I don't think the ancient Hawaiians would mind the early endevours being the inspiration for this piece of history.

Troy Nixon form Austin Texas has been building some nice wooden boards

Troy looks like he has a pretty good setup and makes a nice board. Check him out at

Tony Crimmins new project

Here are a couple of shots of his latest project which is slowly coming to life. 
" Basically it’s a 9’6” x 23” old school single fin longboard.  Paulownia and ply frame with some nice paulownias planks for the bottom and deck.  I worked pretty hard on the templates with this one – the thicker stringer allowed me to foil the nose and tail down quite fine.  I am keen to see just what the foil looks like when I get the deck on.  Got the timber from John Whitewood at Tyalgum just over the border – it’s great to work with."
Sure looks like a nice shape and should be a real trim machine. Thanks for the pics and keep us posted.

Max Salgado in Santiago Chile has sent updates on his board building to share.  So click here to check out Max's boards. Thanks Max for sharing your efforts .