Saturday, October 19, 2019

Wooden Board building classes in the UK and Europe coming up.

Paul Reisburg of Arbour Wooden Surfboards has been busy getting used to being a new dad to son Otis. He has also relocated his studio/workshop to central Newquay in Cornwall. He has started running workshops there and had visitors from around the UK and Europe over the summer who made boards with him when he was not there in Cornwall. He still offers workshops on the road in changing locations around the UK and Europe.

In usually three days, participants create their own functional hollow wooden surfboards. He has a big choice of tested shapes that can be adapted to surfers weight, skill and need. He loves retro-shapes, fishes, mini-simmons, single fins, malibus, mini-malibus, eggs, and anything that isn't a HP shortboard... over 500 boards have been built with them over the last ten years!

The next on-the-road sessions are:
22-24.  November  /  Frankfurt
29  November  - 1 December  /   M√ľnchen
17-19  January  2020  /   Bristol
7-9  February  2020  /  London
28  February - 1  March  2020  /  Berlin

" In between those dates, individually arranged sessions here in cornwall are possible. Get in touch!
Like the last few years, around Easter next year we are planning a workshop trip to France. It will be in the Bordeaux / Lacanau area. Get in touch if you interested in that! " 

More dates for 2020 will be published on the usual channels: 


Sunday, August 25, 2019

The 11th Annual Wooden Board Day Currumbin Alley , Gold Coast.

 Once again we were blessed with a great winters day here on the Gold Coast. Lots of great boards and guys pushing the envelope of ideas and builds to a new level. Lots of interest from the public as they dropped by throughout the day. Thanks everyone for the continued support.