Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to all you wood nuts

Yes Merry Christmas to you all out there.It's way too warm here on the Gold Coast to be in the shed building a board , but over the break I will be nutting out my next project for a start in the cooler months. Then I hope to have it ready for Sunday 8th August 2010 for the next Wooden Surfboard Day.

I hope you are all planning on doing the same.

Merry Christmas

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tony Crimmins and his modified Jensen model.

Tony Crimmins attended the Paul Jensen course at the Eco Village Currumbin in August and this is where he started this board. He decided that he would modify the standard 7ft 3" and make it into a pin tail. And instead of the laminated cork and bending ply rails go with laminated Paulownia and a Cedar pin line.As you can see he has a great eye for detail and has done a great job. 4mm Paulownia and Cedar planking over a ply frame. His sister at Lennox Heads has put her hand up for it. Nice touch.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Andrew Wells from Grown Surfboards has ben busy.

Andrew is from Lennox Heads and makes a great looking board.

" Just thought I’d send you through a couple more pics of some boards I have just finished. The board with blue fins is a bit of a concept board for me, it’s got a big single concave hull running full length of the board and has been designed for down the line speed. I’m Itching to get it out for a test run."
A long wall at Lennox would be a nice test for any board I would say. Let us know how she goes Andrew.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1970's inspired wooden Fatboy Pintail by Ian Moulton

Ian Moulton has just finished his second board this year andlooks all set for summer. His first board was an Okanui style board. Great effort mate and thanks for sharing.

John Cherry, forever building beautiful things in wood.

Handcrafted works of art.

Curly Koa wood D fin getting the finishing touches
John with great friend and shaper Terry Martin with chambered 9ft 6" longboard and a 9ft Bob Simmons reproduction , both in balsa wood. John and Terry built and shaped the boards the beautiful inlay work was done by Ric Allison a noted Pennsylvania artist and professor of furniture design at the University of Pennssylvania.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tom Murphy and his board built from recycled Bamboo floor boards.

Tom says he follows my blog a bit so thought he would send some pics of his latest creation. Its the second board he has built and did this one using the Paul Jenson rail style and the decks are made from second hand bamboo floor boards. He lives in Melbourne and learnt pretty much everything about wooden board building off the Tree to Sea forum. Looks like he ended up with a pretty slick board.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Nathan Grey and another sweet board - The Show Pony

" I put this together while waiting for a delivery of wood for a bookcase I was building.
The show pony is a wooden version of the white pony that Richard Kenvin and I think Larry Mabile came up with.
Board info
5,4” -22” -2, 5/8”
Built from Balsa and some red cedar, Bottom shape is a hull upfront blending into a bonzer like double concave that runs in between the fins.
The fins I laid up with paulownia in center with 6oz carbon fibre then red cedar, they have a nice firm flex to them.

The board flies, a bit like the Sim fish but with a little more bite from the shallow fish tail.
Cant wait to get it on to a point break in the future, but for now sand sucking Bondi close outs will have to do.

OH yeah the book case was not finished on time."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

George Leslie turns his chippie skills to building a Grain kit.

George with the bottom skin all laid up on the rocker table and the frame ready to go.
Rails built up bead and cove method
Ready to blend the rails into the frames and deck roll for the top to go on.
Deck ready to go on and then final shaping and blending of rails
Ready to rock and roll. Nice job.
George lives at Lennox Head and missed the Wood Board Day but saw the article in Pacific Long boarder magazine.
"I bought the kit from Grain and had a ball making it, as a chippie working with the cedar was awesome, loved it. I've included a few shots of the during and then the finished product. Next time you organise another day I'd love to know about it. I'm doing a standard 9'2" polyester at the moment and am looking at doing a balsa (most probs solid) early next year."

Grain Kits can be bought from their agent in Australia - Cape Boat Works check them out in the web links for a range of boards.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marymount students shape Alaia surfboard in woodwork class

" Nearly 30 enthusiastic students and a few teachers joined the wooden surfboard experience by shaping timber Alaia's as a part of their wood working class.

Girls and guys all had a go at shaping the design, with some great results.

With the plan shapes cut out, cleaned up and the rails starting to take shape, the end of the next class will see quite a few finished Alaia's hitting the water soon after.

Interest is coming from more schools, so I will keep you posted."

Richard has been shaping a number of Alaia's for summer and has blanks for you to have a go yourself or you can buy a blank and he will show you how to shape it in his shaping bay.

" I have limited times when I will help those interested to shape their own under my guidance, all for the same price as buying one off the rack.

Time from start to finish including oiling and logos about 4 hours. All my contact details are below."

Harvey Surf Gallery
63 Lower West Burleigh Road
Burleigh Heads
Queensland 4220
mob: 0414 557624
skype: richardharveyburleighheads

Great to see Richard sharing his skills and experience with the kids. There will be more than a few woody sliders in the lineup this summer. Thanks Richard.

Old timber to beautiful board

David Westendorf was at the Sacred Craft Show last weekend and someone mentioned my blog. So he took a look at it and decided he had a project to share. So here it is.He lives at Half Moon Bay and found this 100 year old redwood in an old barn up in the hills and decided to turn it into a beautiful board.
All clamped up and ready to take shape
Plane off the years of weathering and reveal it's true beauty.
Get some rocker into it
Outline and deal with the glue dags
Now we are talking...

" The fin is koa and shaped like a great white shark pectoral fin I photographed in 2001 off our coast. The logo is of course a 1968 VW van, which I beat around in the 1980's. "

A thing of beauty is brought to life for all to share. Thanks David.