Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marymount students shape Alaia surfboard in woodwork class

" Nearly 30 enthusiastic students and a few teachers joined the wooden surfboard experience by shaping timber Alaia's as a part of their wood working class.

Girls and guys all had a go at shaping the design, with some great results.

With the plan shapes cut out, cleaned up and the rails starting to take shape, the end of the next class will see quite a few finished Alaia's hitting the water soon after.

Interest is coming from more schools, so I will keep you posted."

Richard has been shaping a number of Alaia's for summer and has blanks for you to have a go yourself or you can buy a blank and he will show you how to shape it in his shaping bay.

" I have limited times when I will help those interested to shape their own under my guidance, all for the same price as buying one off the rack.

Time from start to finish including oiling and logos about 4 hours. All my contact details are below."

Harvey Surf Gallery
63 Lower West Burleigh Road
Burleigh Heads
Queensland 4220
mob: 0414 557624
skype: richardharveyburleighheads

Great to see Richard sharing his skills and experience with the kids. There will be more than a few woody sliders in the lineup this summer. Thanks Richard.

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Richie B said...

Hi Richard, i'm a woodwork teacher myself and i love what your doing.
I'm sure the boards will get some good use!