Sunday, October 25, 2009

George Leslie turns his chippie skills to building a Grain kit.

George with the bottom skin all laid up on the rocker table and the frame ready to go.
Rails built up bead and cove method
Ready to blend the rails into the frames and deck roll for the top to go on.
Deck ready to go on and then final shaping and blending of rails
Ready to rock and roll. Nice job.
George lives at Lennox Head and missed the Wood Board Day but saw the article in Pacific Long boarder magazine.
"I bought the kit from Grain and had a ball making it, as a chippie working with the cedar was awesome, loved it. I've included a few shots of the during and then the finished product. Next time you organise another day I'd love to know about it. I'm doing a standard 9'2" polyester at the moment and am looking at doing a balsa (most probs solid) early next year."

Grain Kits can be bought from their agent in Australia - Cape Boat Works check them out in the web links for a range of boards.

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