Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old timber to beautiful board

David Westendorf was at the Sacred Craft Show last weekend and someone mentioned my blog. So he took a look at it and decided he had a project to share. So here it is.He lives at Half Moon Bay and found this 100 year old redwood in an old barn up in the hills and decided to turn it into a beautiful board.
All clamped up and ready to take shape
Plane off the years of weathering and reveal it's true beauty.
Get some rocker into it
Outline and deal with the glue dags
Now we are talking...

" The fin is koa and shaped like a great white shark pectoral fin I photographed in 2001 off our coast. The logo is of course a 1968 VW van, which I beat around in the 1980's. "

A thing of beauty is brought to life for all to share. Thanks David.


Rotorhead said...

I'm guessing no one will drop in on their 6'4" while that thing is coming down the line.

Very nice.

Richie B said...

A great board David, i love seeing seasoned timber being turned into something great.

Matt said...

Sha-zam! Wow. That is wonderful. My father-in-law has some 100-year-old redwood that he has owned for quite a while and hopes to shape into a wall-hanger at some point. If it ever happens, I'll send pictures.