Sunday, August 27, 2017

The first European Wooden Board Day

A big thanks to Sergi from Flama Surfboards for organising the first European Wooden Board Day. Here is his account of the day ...

"Hi Grant,
What an amazing Wooden Day we had! I would have never expected such an amazing attendance. I had had some confirmations but also in the last days I had some last minute cancellations, so I was really intrigued.

Last night I arrived to the beach park and planted a big poster of the meet, still no one around. But as soon as I put up the signal wooden boards started to show up like ants comming from underground. Surrealistic! There where plenty of boards displayed and we shared some beers until late."
"Today in the morning we met at 10am in the park. As a resume: people from 11 countries, 28 different board builders and I lost count on how many boards were displayed (watching the videos I can count at least 70 or more!). "
" The most asked question through the day was "are we going to do it again next year?". Off course! Why not? Everyone was so happy, so many conversations and debates going at the same time on every corner of the park. "
"I just send you a few pictures so you get an idea of how it was. But I'll prepare a little review with pictures and a list of all the builders. We even got a crew who came from Portugal to make a video of the event, drone footage included! "
"Mate, I hope you can make it next year. I'm tottally commited to repeat it again, what a wonderful day it was."

Take care!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jun from Surfers Country

This is a great little clip made by Keita Ikawa of his friend Jun Kurahashi of Surfers Country building his first Paulownia skinned EPS board. Andy from Wooden Anchor milled a tree for him that had been blown down in a storm. He hand shaped the blank and I walked him through the vacuum bagging process in my garage and he is now on his way.  Check it out.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Alan Copelin starts a new project

" Hi Grant. Hows things. Back on the tools after nearly a year since my last board. Micheal Conner was kind enough to send me a set of " Bush Pig " plans . Had them laser cut . Made up a rocker table and here we go . Following on from a method Geoff Moase used where you laminate the skins onto the frame . Glues and water tight in same process and allows you to keep deck skins natural with just the lanolin oil . Haven't done it this way before . What could go wrong.


All cleaned up and ready to get some rail bands happening
Adding the rail bands
All the rail bands on and time to start cleaning up.