Saturday, December 20, 2014

Flama Dorada 7'10 - 2014

"The Dorada 7'10 egg is actually our #00 model, built in 2010 after a year long process of trial and a lot of error. This was the very first board with no leaks, the ultimate proof that our technique for building hollow unglassed boards with paulownia wood was completely reliable.
We surfed the board a few sessions and passed it to a friend, who passed it to a friend... until we lost count. No idea of how many people surfed it or how far it traveled, but when it came back to our hands three years later it looked like it had been through a war. It has never been re-varnished, the bamboo fin has been repaired a few times, it has dings all over the place and it seems to have a couple broken ribs. But still, no leaks at all!
I just dicided to give it a go on a recent Mediterranean swell... and what a rush! The trim on the Dorada is so ridiculously smooth that now I'm wondering if wooden boards mature like wine... Could it be?"

If you are into being green and build wooden boards , this could be the event for you

" The Eco Challenge  events began with Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast and recently on the Gold Coast. Our aim is to assist Surfrider Foundation Australia branches with fundraising and connecting with their local community by holding an Eco Challenge. These family friendly surfing lifestyle events will comply with sustainable event management guidelines and promote alternative surfing products & services."

Event: Sunday 15th of March 2015, 7am all day at Tugun SLSC, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Eco Challenge  events evolved from a love of surfing, community & sustainable event management.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Master shaper Roger Hall and Barkers collaboration

Roger Hall of Surfline Custom Surfboards has been making and shaping quality surfboards in Ruakaka, New Zealand for over 40 years. Barkers have collaborated with Roger this season on a range of surf inspired board shorts and tees to get you through summer. We drove up to Ruakaka a few weeks ago to interview Roger on his rich surfing history and to talk about the collaboration. Limited stock of the range is available in Barkers stores nationwide and online at For custom surf board enquires see

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Going the " Doctor " on your wooden board

John Purnell loves his board so much that he has gone to greatr lengths to repair it on a number of occasions. This was the final straw. He has his breathed life back into his best mate.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nathan's hollow wooden Bonza

  He has just finished building this little bonzer for himself and It has been a long time coming.
He has been building it between furniture jobs, over the last few months.

 It is a hollow construction, with ribs, with a 9mm balsa wood bottom skin and a 6mm paulownia deck skin, with balsa wood rails.
He glassed it with 2 x 4oz top and 4oz on the bottom with entropy super sap resin.

The bottom,is the traditional bonzer concave, single running in to double concave with a bit of V out the tail, with the side runners sitting on the edge of the concave.
He also did the E wing flyer like the Campbell bro’s do on their boards, a pain in the arse to shape and glass, pulled some hair out in the process.

Dimensions are 5,9 1/2”-20 1/2”-2 1/2”

He foiled the fins from 6.5mm birch ply with a few 4oz layers.

Nathaniel Grey