Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nathan's hollow wooden Bonza

  He has just finished building this little bonzer for himself and It has been a long time coming.
He has been building it between furniture jobs, over the last few months.

 It is a hollow construction, with ribs, with a 9mm balsa wood bottom skin and a 6mm paulownia deck skin, with balsa wood rails.
He glassed it with 2 x 4oz top and 4oz on the bottom with entropy super sap resin.

The bottom,is the traditional bonzer concave, single running in to double concave with a bit of V out the tail, with the side runners sitting on the edge of the concave.
He also did the E wing flyer like the Campbell bro’s do on their boards, a pain in the arse to shape and glass, pulled some hair out in the process.

Dimensions are 5,9 1/2”-20 1/2”-2 1/2”

He foiled the fins from 6.5mm birch ply with a few 4oz layers.

Nathaniel Grey

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