Saturday, December 20, 2014

Flama Dorada 7'10 - 2014

"The Dorada 7'10 egg is actually our #00 model, built in 2010 after a year long process of trial and a lot of error. This was the very first board with no leaks, the ultimate proof that our technique for building hollow unglassed boards with paulownia wood was completely reliable.
We surfed the board a few sessions and passed it to a friend, who passed it to a friend... until we lost count. No idea of how many people surfed it or how far it traveled, but when it came back to our hands three years later it looked like it had been through a war. It has never been re-varnished, the bamboo fin has been repaired a few times, it has dings all over the place and it seems to have a couple broken ribs. But still, no leaks at all!
I just dicided to give it a go on a recent Mediterranean swell... and what a rush! The trim on the Dorada is so ridiculously smooth that now I'm wondering if wooden boards mature like wine... Could it be?"

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