Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great new movie The Present is about to tour Australia

Go to : and get all the deatils. A great movie that is sure to inspire you.

Richard Harvey starts his new project

"Great to hear about the Wooden Surfboards get together as I have Just started another new project.

Have cut the 4 cedar stringers and centre balsa logs to the profile and have chambered them.

Glueing the 9 pieces together today. The cedar and glass fin has been made while the abalone and cedar logo is the next step. Will send more progress photos as it happens."  Richard

I will keep you all updated as Richard progresses with this board. Lots of people out there with projects on the go. If you have one you would like to share , just send some pics and info.

Try Nixon from Texas with his new Bonzer

Troy with his new 7ft Bonzer in Paulownia and Rewood. Nice job.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John Cherry and Terry Martin building a 10ft stringerless chambered balsa single fin nose rider.

John Cherry doing the chambering

Terry Martin, just eyeballing his handy work
Racked and ready to glass at Moonlight Glassing. 6oz both sides

" These photo’s start with the square  (heavy) lumber.  They show the processes of cutting and gluing rocker into the lumber, cutting out the rocker templates, the first glue up, with every other section spot-glued to take apart after the first shaping by Terry Martin, marking and cutting chambers and drilling out the rail sections on the drill press, the second and final glue-up after chambering and Terry doing the finish shaping.  Wood source: Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America "
"Templated blank before 1st shaping; 40lbs.  Blank after 1st shaping 33lbs.  
Finished board, after chambering, before glassing; just under 
17lbs. (Yes, really)"

Owner:  Francesco DiTommaso, Bari Italy.

Thanks to John and Terry for sharing these shots with us and showing the whole process. If you want a board like this these guys can build you one. Or maybe this has inspired you to have a go yourself.

John Wegener interview from the Thalia Street blog

Just click her to view a great little piece I found on the Thalia surf blog with Jon Wegener. brother of Tom and the state side link in the family tree.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paul Jensen's class in Western Australia

Paul , has just finished his class in WA and is setting up to start another in Melbourne next week. Here are the crew in WA learning the skills from Paul. They have come away with some great boards and knowledge that will let them now design and build the boards they have dreamt of in all sorts of woods.
After you select your deck timbers they are taped together , turned over and glassed on the underside for strength.
The frames of a couple of fishes come together and show their form
Frames and decks come together with lots of clamps
Glue gun the whole lot together before adding he bottom
A bit of fine tuning outdoors
Tape off and cover the deck to start gluing the rails on
Keep building those rails up
A nice 5ft 10" fish 
And the 7ft 3" looks mighty fine
Paul and a very proud builder with the fruits of his labour

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wooden surfboard building class with Paul Jensen

If you are interested in doing a wooden board building class with Paul Jensen from "" then now is your chance to learn the skills from the master. He will be conducting a class on the Gold Coast at the Currumbin Eco Village from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th of August. 

A rough outline is as follows.

The five day Class will be at a cost $700 per person , with materials extra, typically about $45 per foot of board length.

The " How To " CD and a frame kit will be included in the cost of the class.

A deposit of $100 by the 1st of May will be required to secure a spot - It is not refundable after the 1st of May .

You choose one of 3 board designs to build - A 5ft 10" fish  - A 7ft 3" mid length board or a 9ft longboard.
This would need to be known at the time of booking your spot as Paul will need to cut the frame and allocate materials for that board for you.

Paul has a minimum number of 6 people to make the trip viable for him and a maximum of 10 people so that you all get the attention you deserve to do the classes.

There are a minimum of tools required to build boards in Paul's classes and what you will need will be on hand. But if you were to do the class a dozen spring clamps each would be of great assistance . If you plan to take the next step and embark on your own projects after the class you will need these at some point. Readily available at Bunnings everywhere.

At the end of the class you will have a board you have built yourself ready to take home to be glassed.

If you are interested in the classes could you please send me your contact details including phone number so that we can make this happen as smoothly as possible, given that time is fast closing.

If you have any questions please contact me. I look forward to sharing this great experience with you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date is set for the first Wooden Surfboard Day in the park at the Currumbin Alley

Paul Jensen from Washington who will conduct the wooden board building classes here on the Gold Coast. I think he is looking forward to some warm water to.
He has twice taught classes in Ireland
And once in Portugal
And at home in port Townsend , Washington State.

Yes I have finally set the date for the first gathering of wooden board builders and riders of wooden boards.
Sunday 9th of August 2009.

In the park across from the beach at Currumbin Alley where The Alley Fish Fry is held 

I have also organised a wooden board building class conducted by Paul Jensen from " "which will be held at The Currumbin Eco Village. The class will be held over 5 days -  Monday 3rd to Friday 7th of August prior to the day in the park.If you are interested in the classes please contact me for details as there are a maximum of 10 spots. Paul has just completed a class in Perth and about to have another in Melbourne after Easter. I will have more details soon.

Pat Lyons DVS 7ft 6" balsa gun

Here is a great looking 7ft 6" balsa over styrene core gun that Pat Lyons is working on with Dick Van Straalen. Two great local Gold Coast craftsmen.