Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John Cherry and Terry Martin building a 10ft stringerless chambered balsa single fin nose rider.

John Cherry doing the chambering

Terry Martin, just eyeballing his handy work
Racked and ready to glass at Moonlight Glassing. 6oz both sides

" These photo’s start with the square  (heavy) lumber.  They show the processes of cutting and gluing rocker into the lumber, cutting out the rocker templates, the first glue up, with every other section spot-glued to take apart after the first shaping by Terry Martin, marking and cutting chambers and drilling out the rail sections on the drill press, the second and final glue-up after chambering and Terry doing the finish shaping.  Wood source: Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America "
"Templated blank before 1st shaping; 40lbs.  Blank after 1st shaping 33lbs.  
Finished board, after chambering, before glassing; just under 
17lbs. (Yes, really)"

Owner:  Francesco DiTommaso, Bari Italy.

Thanks to John and Terry for sharing these shots with us and showing the whole process. If you want a board like this these guys can build you one. Or maybe this has inspired you to have a go yourself.

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