Monday, August 25, 2014

From Russia with love

Nick Nazmutdinov is a Russian and with some friends has built a couple of wooden boards that he believes may be the only one ever built in his neck of the woods.He has found it hard to get info on building them, but it looks like they have done a good job.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wooden Board Day on Slide magazine

Check out the days photos on Slide magazine site HERE.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two custom wooden boards in 3 days

This couple drove from Switzerland to Spain to meet up with Segi at his shaping bay at Flama Surfboards in Barcelona. He had two hollow wooden blanks prepared for them and they spent the next 3 days shaping , sanding varnishing and finishing them before driving to France to surf them.Very cool.

99% WOOD from Markus Howald on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flying A Surfboards Carpinteria California

Josh Milne has been building hollow framed Balsa wood boards in Carpinteria for the last 2 years.
Here is what he has been up to.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great looking boards from the Sunshine Coast - POG Surfboards

I first met Paul O'Grady at the Eco Challenge at Coolum last year.And he came to this years wooden board day with a couple of great looking boards.He has been building boards for some 30 years in foam and now in wood. He likes to design them in AKU and then convert the files in CAD to be able to create a file to have his frames laser cut.This board with unreal detail and channels took my eye as a piece of art and a huge effort that very few people would attempt let alone pull off.
Check it out...

Contact him here.

QR code for your board

Here is a novel idea to record your boards history and preseve it's story.

"I think I'm the first one to use a QR code to give future board owners a history of what they are riding from Blind Dog. Here is the QR generator I use. Rather simple. The image is printed on rice paper and laid under the glass. I'm building six identical HWS short boards for our grand kids and each will have a unique QR code. All too often we leave nothing for our grand children to remember us by. I have a couple of items from my grand father and feel good about what I will pass to my children. But I want to pass something to grand kids that hopefully they will pass to their children. That is a long way down life's road. That would be cool. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you and your readers."

Kind regards,


Beautiful hand made wooden paddles

Matt Brady from Mackay came down for the recent wooden board day and had some great looking SUP paddles he had made. Here are a few sample ones. If you are interested in these or a custom paddle with different wood and carbon handle Matt is the man.

Wooden boards from Greece

 Stavros Ha is from Athens in Greece and the only wooden board builder that I know of.His brand is SX Wooden Surfboards and it all began in the backyard of a home minutes from the waves in Santa Marina, Athens,Greece. "Stav Ha combined his love of board sports with a passion for wooden boat-building techniques to create works of art for riding waves that have less impact on the environment and more positive impact on your surfing.The beauty of SX Wooden Surfboards lies in the blend of softwoods, the artful patterns naturally produced by the wood itself.
In the future, SX Wooden Surfboards will continue to build custom dream boards and develop new surfboard shapes in collaboration with our customers."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Wooden boards trialed by Irish hell man

Irish,wooden board builder Vincent O Halloran has been building boards and experimenting on his own for a number of years. He just sent me a link of local big wave rider Fergal Smith trying out some of his boards. Fergal is an interesting character as you will see. He lives a simple life in the country and has started a community of local surfers who have decided to grown their own vegies and live off the land. This is between risking their lives riding giant Atlantic swells that hit the ledges on the local points and in front of the cliffs. Thanks Vinny for sharing this and great to see your boards in the hands of such a great surfer and hell man. Fergal and his mates have broken backs and bones chasing these monsters in the cold green waters of western Ireland. I was there on the cliffs of Moher 4 years a go and only wish I had caught up with these local lads.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

This years wooden surfboard day 2014 @ The Alley

The weekend started off with a get together at the Surf World Museum here in Currumbin over a couple of beers and a simple BBQ as a good way for people to get to know each other. Also it is a great time to see the amazing collection of boards and history on display at the museum.
This is Sergi Galano and I at the Alley. He is here on a months holiday experiencing all there is in surfing this neck of the woods in his camper van.Sergi is the owner, shaper at Flama Surfboards in Barcelona, Spain. He is is also one of our guest speakers at the surf museum.
 Sergi gave an interesting talk on his method of building wooden boards and how he goes about the process.

 Sergi was followed by Torsten Kofler from Brisbane who has built boards in a couple of different ways. He shared his experiences and knowledge learnt in the journey that is building wooden boards.
There was a great turnout of people and plenty of questions asked.
 This was followed by the day in the park across the road from the Alley. A day where you could lay out any boards you had built and share what you had created with others. Lots of questions and a great place to find out all you want to know from people who have been there and tried many things with good and bad results.There is always so much to learn. We are all in a very experimental phase with what you can do and how you can go about it.

A big thanks to all those who came with boards and those who came with questions.

 "We are a passionate bunch of surfers, we are a splinter group"