Monday, August 11, 2014

Wooden boards trialed by Irish hell man

Irish,wooden board builder Vincent O Halloran has been building boards and experimenting on his own for a number of years. He just sent me a link of local big wave rider Fergal Smith trying out some of his boards. Fergal is an interesting character as you will see. He lives a simple life in the country and has started a community of local surfers who have decided to grown their own vegies and live off the land. This is between risking their lives riding giant Atlantic swells that hit the ledges on the local points and in front of the cliffs. Thanks Vinny for sharing this and great to see your boards in the hands of such a great surfer and hell man. Fergal and his mates have broken backs and bones chasing these monsters in the cold green waters of western Ireland. I was there on the cliffs of Moher 4 years a go and only wish I had caught up with these local lads.

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