Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Rocker Bed

 Tony Crimmins is always thinking of new ways of building his boards and this is his latest idea he has to share.
  " After admiring the smooth rocker on Geoff's board at the Wooden Board Show last month I decided it was time to take control over the rocker in my boards and stop just crossing my fingers and hoping the rocker curve would still be there after everything was glued together.  After a little web surfing and a few trips to Bunnings this is what I have come up with.  3m long x 650mm wide with 22 cross rails which should keep things where they are meant to be."

"  Best bit is that when it is not being used the cross rails can be taken off and stacked under the bench and the front edge unbolted and pushed to the back of the bench leaving about 700mm of work bench free to work on.  Happy Days.  TC "
I great idea well executed , which is not surprising. Thanks for sharing Tony.

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Tom - Dan Shapers said...

Can you show us how the joint between cross rail and threaded rod. Sorry if this is a duplicate posting. I cannot tell if the others went through.