Friday, June 14, 2013

More wooden board building classes

If you re interested in building a wooden surfboard and you live in the UK , you should get hold of  Paul from ARBO wooden surfboards.
"The deal is as usual:
price for the workshop is 300€+45€/ft board length.
that includes tuition and all the materials to complete the shape of your choice (internal plywood structure, paulownia/cedar deck and bottom skins, bead and cove rail strips, glues,...) and the tools you need to work. if you have tools (handplanes, saws etc.) bring them with you too!"
"Have a look here for well tested shapes that can be built and pictures from past workshops.
I can also design a custom board to your requirements or replicate an existing design.
After three intense days the board is constructed and will only need some detail shaping and final sanding before it can get glassed.
finboxes/-plugs, leashplugs and venting screws are not included but can be bought off me on the workshop.
I can also supply you with custom boardbags, made by salty buds to fit your board.
 to laminate the board within the three days is impossible. If time allows though, I will laminate a little demoboard on the weekend to prepare you for the task of glassing your board at home. It actually isn't that hard!
You can get a few meters of fibreglass from me and I can give you a voucher that will get you a good deal on entropy resin, a (sustainable) epoxy resin that I use for my boards.
Those interested can visit me with their boards in Bristol and learn how to laminate using epoxy. dates for these glassing sessions have to be arranged individually.
If you are interested in owning a handcrafted wooden surfboard but don't want to build it yourself you can get a custom one built by me. I will build only one ordered board per month this year. get in touch to discuss a design.
If you don't make it to the cologne session you have another chance in august or september in berlin. the next UK workshop will most likely be in Bristol again. exact dates will be announced on my blog or on facebook.

Get in touch if you have got any questions or if you want to sign up. i'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Feel free to forward this to people who you think could be interested as well. spread the word but keep it underground!"

all the best,


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