Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grain Surfboards have it all happening

 A Return to Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center
"We’re doing it again. This summer, July 31- August 3 to be exact, we’re returning to the famed Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center in San Clemente, California for another 4-day class extravaganza. Time is of the essence, we need to fill this class quickly so we have time to book our plane tickets and prep all the wood. If you’re interested, sign up soon. We’re planning to spend some time while we’re out there tricking out our new mobile classroom and partnering up with some friends to offer some in-water demos. See you on the road."
More Classes
"We have lots of workshops, clinics and classes in the works for this summer. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our friend Jon Wegener back for a fall paipo and alaia class. We’re also planning a series of Thursday night handplane workshops  -  come by the shop, enjoy some surf flicks and food and shape yourself a handplane. Want more? How about surfboard function and hydrodynamics discussion with Cape Cod craftsman Sean Vecchione of Vec Surfboards."

The new Fantail - Pig
"We’ve been talking about this design for a long time, and we’re excited that it’s finally up on our site. The Fantail is a classic Pig shape, similar to what Dale Velzy was shaping back in the heyday of hotdogging. It’s available as a custom board in 9’2” and 9’9”. But for those of you that just have to build it yourself, sign up for a Fantasy Camp and we’ll help lead you through the process of building your dream board."

Handplane Blanks, A Real Hands-On Experience
"We’ve been shaping handplanes for years and we love the process. It gives you the opportunity to work with a number of fun hand tools plus it’s a quick, rewarding process that gets you out enjoying the waves in a new way in no time. We also love offering you the opportunity to get hands-on, so we’re now offering our handplanes as DIY kits. The kit comes with a wood blank, pre- drilled for our special handstrap attachment, and includes a quick shaping manual, some natural polyurethane that we use in-house, even the strap itself. So take an afternoon and shape something, you’ll be glad you did."
Mike and the boys at Grain in York , Maine, USA do a great job and if you want to find out more or the range of board kits and events, check them out here : www.grainsurfboards.com

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