Friday, June 28, 2013

Keeping your mates stoked

This is Roy Meisels in front of his shop in the 60's in Byron Bay. He has built surfboards all his life and loves a wave. But a few problems with his back and what not has kept him off his board of late. So his good mate Keith " Tiki " Nevelee sorted things for him. "He said he was keen to body surf, so I made this as a surprise, it was finished off with an old legrope velcro and Roys report was he loved it, so it was good to get him passionate again ......5 more weeks and I'm retiring and on the pension, so will be mucho buisier with surfing toys...."
 It is nice to have mates who care. Thanks Tiki for sharing your story and with more time to build things I hope we see some more. Or catch up in August

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Tony said...

Roy and Bare Nature are/were a classic part of the Byron Surf scene through the 70's and early 80's. As a grommet I used to love to visit Bare Nature - this was when surf shops were really about surfing and not fashion houses!