Friday, June 21, 2013

This years Wooden Board Day - Sunday 4th August

Well I hope you are all busy getting your projects finished in time for this years Wooden Board Day to be held at Currumbin Alley here on the Gold Coast Sunday 4th of August. Now is a great time to work away in the shed while it is cool and get some new toys planned for summer. No sweat dripping on the wood and your beer stays cool much longer. So plenty of time to get sorted. As in other years it will be a very informal gathering in the park. So arrive in time for an early surf, lay your boards, hand planes, alaias and other craft in the park and kick back with a picnic lunch or BBQ. There will be plenty of interesting people and projects to talk about with others. Around lunchtime Tom Wegener and I will pull up some chairs with a couple of others to have a chat and share our experiences. We welcome everyone to share and participate in this open discussion. This is how we can learn from each other and not have to do the hard yards alone.
I look forward to checking out what everyone has been up to. If you have a project you would like to share , please send some pics and words for me to post up. If you have any questions flick me an email :

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