Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wooden board classes in the UK and Europe this year.

 Paul Reisberg builds wooden beautiful boards and holds classes in the UK and Europe. He has just sent me details of his upcoming plans for the year.
"I can also announce the next UK date for such a three day board building jam. the weekend 26/27/28 April 2013. I have space for 4 builders at the Bridge Boathouses in Richmond / London / UK.
There is more information on arbosurfboards.blogspot.com and people interested should get in touch via email: paulitspaul@gmx.net"
 "I will be based at the Underfall yard in Bristol for the year and like last year in the Basque Country, I open up my workshop to people who want to learn how to build hollow wooden surfboards with the strip-and-feather method. Apart from the intense three day workshops with four participants I can offer one-on-one weekends and evenings. dates can be arranged individually."

 "For past participants who still haven't glassed their boards I will organise a glassing/laminating weekend where I will show my way of glassing hollow wooden surfboards with entropy resin. When exactly I would arrange with those interested.  Everyone who still fears the task of glassing a board can contact me so we can start settling on a date."
 "Anyone who wants a hollow wooden surfboard in paulownia but is not interested in the process and only the final product can order a custom board with me. I will build one board per month this year. "

 Paul has some great designs that he has come up with and offers a wide range of boards which is great to see. The finished boards look like some of the best out there.

A happy crew who will remember their time together for the rest of their lives. These won't be their last boards either I can bet.So if you can take the time and are able to I would suggest you are in the best of hands with Paul teaching you he ropes and you will end up with a board you can be very proud of.

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