Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The 5ft 8" simmons for charity

 Dan Johnston from Blind Dog Surfboards has been building a special board. "This board, 5'8" Mini-Simmons, will be raffled off in May to help support a family who's was father to two great kids, wonderful husband, and great friend to all surfers (groms to pros) who had the wonderful opportunity to meet Chris. He died at 37 on November 2011. This is the second annual surf-off that last year raised over $4,000. Our board raffle contributed $780. This year we hope to double that for this board."
 "All Western (US) Cedar, custom made fins, 4 oz glass top and bottom with epoxy. Built with concave running from 1/3 front to rear. "

 A great looking board with special meaning.

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