Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grain looking to get mobile with Kick Starter

"As you know, sharing the experience of building your own board with surfers is something that's really important to all of us here at Grain. We've taught our week-long surfboard building classes to hundreds of people from all over the world, and with our kits that people use to build their own boards at home, thousands have enjoyed the process.
Most of our classes are here in our shop in Maine, but we've been trying to get out on the road and share this with people that have trouble making it here. With our Kickstarter, we're hoping to raise enough funds to be able to buy and outfit a mobile classroom (truck and trailer), so we can travel anywhere and share this experience of building your own surfboard from local sustainable materials with everyone.

You can visit our Kickstarter project by following this link, There are some great videos on there that help explain what our goals are. We need to raise a total of $38,500 to make this project possible and we have a long way to go. "

" Our goal? To share what we do with more people. To make opportunities to reach out to youth and talk with them about sustainability, craftsmanship, and the tremendous rewards we’ve gained from pursuing the values Grain has been built on. We’ve got plans for the west…and we’re inviting you to be part of it. So if you like the idea, check out the project and all the cool rewards we set up for it. Or, just pass the word along on your Facebook or social-net of choice. If you just want to watch the progress of the project, that’s cool too – stay in touch by checking the periodic updates we’ll be posting on Kickstarter and in Facebook. And, to all of you: thanks for everything.

So guys if you help Mike and the Grain team get this off the ground it will enable them to get out there and bring wooden boards to the people on the road.I think it is a great idea and if you can help the boys will be mighty pleased.

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