Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rrecreating history in Brasil

 " My name is Guilherme Pallerosi, and I´m from Brazil. I have a blog about the wooden boards and surf history, and I’ve show a hollow board here, almost a year ago.  So, I’ve made by my self a new alaia board, trying to follow the 30’s projects. It’s not exactly the same, but the shape and processes is similar or inspirited on!

" To end the board, we put a Costa Rica coin to fix the lashing. The coin photo is not good, but its very style! We made some kind of launch before to put the board in the sea. The surf was little hard in the beginning, but its work very good at north of São Paulo coast."
" To make the board softer we hollow the central plank (and to compensate the extra resin weight). The complex whole were put together with epoxy glue and dowels. The board is 6’6 ft tall, not big as the old 30’s, but a hybrid of a modern alaia."
" I have a help of a specialist friend, the slow-woods-worker Murilo Marcondes. We decided to use two Brazilian woods: the caixeta, and the fabulous red cedar (or pink cedar as we use to call). Both woods are soft, but caixeta is not good for water uses, so we have to glass it with epoxy resin."
 The plans and inspiration
To watch the processes you can access my blog link (its Portuguese write):

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