Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dugout Surfcraft from BC

 Darren Mac Donald from BC Canada has come up with a very different approach to his wooden boards. As you can see they are carved out of solid wood , yet able to flex where they need to. A great level of skill and craftsmanship.
 "Carved in the tradition of wooden watercraft that form the roots of surfing (think canoes and plank boards), Dugout shapes are at play with the nature of the wood that forms them. Dug out – hand shaped and amply chambered (selectively hollowed), cedar's aesthetic and resonant qualities are free to flow through on a wave. Cedar (salvaged Western red and Alaskan yellow cypress) is light, highly resistant to moisture and stands up well in marine environs. Dugouts are sealed with a natural wax and oil blend that provides a slick durable finish without affecting the wood's flexibility or feel."

"The Dugout pictured is shaped in alaia style, with zero rocker until engaged in the water. Ridden finless or twin, its volume at the chest makes for easier paddling and the thickness of its tail catches waves, where the thin step rails hold it..."

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Andrew Jones said...

Fantastic looking board, would love to see this in action!