Friday, July 27, 2012

Yellowfoot boards from the Black Forest Germany

" YELLOWFOOT came to the art of shaping and crafting balsa surfboards during a three year stay in ecuador, the land of the balsa trees. Today, YELLOWFOOT balsa surfboards and paulownia alaias are handmade in the Black Forest, inspired by its natural surroundings and the background of traditional craftsmanship. With the passion and fascination for surfing and crafting balsa surfboards, YELLOWFOOT has grown into a big family of teamriders, photographers, soulsurfers, artists and friends. Experiencing nature’s playgrounds and sharing the pure joy of surfing are at the company’s heart."

At the end of September/ beginnning of October 2012 Yellowfoot will offer another Shaping-Workshop in Les Aulnettes (Longeville sûr Mer, France/ Vendée). Next to the balsaboard workshop, we're proud to offer the Alaia workshop for the Shapecamp. If you want to enjoy ten days of surfing wooden surfboards without shaping - come with us on wooden surfari and explore the beautiful spots of the region!
 Further information:

 During the Contest of the German Universities Surf Contest two fourth place finishes (Anne Rösberg/ Open Women and Jeroen Jansen/ Open Men) and one top ten placement (Jeroen Jansen/ Longboard Men) were achieved by the Surfers on YELLOWFOOT- Boards. NICE ONE!

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