Monday, July 2, 2012

Tony Crimmins to be a speaker at the wooden board night at the Gold Coast Surf Museum

Tony Crimmins from Brisbane

He builds a very nice board

Tony has been building hollow wooden boards for the past 5 years. During this time his efforts have largely focussed on building boards for his own use and as a home builder has settled into a pattern of building just two boards each year.

Tony grew up in Northern New South Wales in Lismore just inland from Lennox and Byron and has had a passionate interest in surfboard design and construction since an early age.  Prior to moving to Brisbane approx 25 years ago he worked at Sky Surfboards in Byron for several summers which at the time was also home to a long list of great shapers/surfers including; Bob McTavish, Chris Brock, Michael Cundith, Rob Fenech, Gary Timperley and Dennis Anderson.

Building hollow wooden boards has allowed Tony to revisit his love of surfboards and working with his hands whilst drawing on the many influences from his youth in Byron and classic designs from across the years to design and construct these beautiful and unique wooden surfcraft.

Tony will talk Saturday night 4th of August at the Gold Surf Museum, followed by the day in the park on Sunday 5th of August. If you build boards or would like to know more about them this is a great opportunity to be surounded by many like minded people with the chance to ask all the questions you have been wanting to. 

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