Friday, July 6, 2012

Peter "Mo" to speak at the wooden surfboard night

Peter " Mo " Moschogianis has a vast knowledge in laminating and building surfcraft of all kinds with a very interesting background working with a number of wellknown shapers through the years. This started with Tom Morey at Morey Pope Surfboards, Ventura, California in 1965. While working at Morey Pope he met and began to work with Bob Cooper, George Greenough, John Peck, Richard Deese, Michael Cundith and Richie West. It was at this time that he first met Bob McTavish, Nat Young, Darryl “Rooster” Dell and Russel Hughes. Mo then moved on to Wilderness Surfboards in Santa Barbara with the original crew of Greenough, Cundith, West.

 This is prior to them all migrating to Australia in the early 1970’s. Platt Surfboards in Noosa Heads was Mo's first stop followed by time working at Cooper Surfboards in Coffs Harbour and Sky Surfboards in Bryon Bay. He then moved to the Gold Coast in 1977 to work at the Burleigh Surf Co with Dick Van Straalen, Richard Harvey, and a passing parade of up and coming and established shapers. The following years included time glassing for Burfords, Surf More and Kirra Surf. At Kirra Surf in 1988 he set up a busy and successful surfcraft repair business. In 1992 Mo and Neil Decker opened Modek Surf Designs at Currumbin. To this day, Mo can still be found glassing at Modek.

His 47 years in the industry has obviously meant that he has seen it all and worked in all sorts of situations and with all sorts of materials and layups. All the progressions in resins, carbon fibre, kevlar, Inegra and working with PU, polystyrene and wood. A vast knowledge to say the least. He has a fondness for wooden boards himself and would like to share some of his experiences with you. Peter is one on the unsung masters of the surf industry working long days by himself to create beautiful boards by hand.

I am sure you will find that he has a wealth of knowledge to draw from to answer any of your questions regarding finishing you prized wooden board.

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