Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dovetail longboard

Ribs don't need to be thick if you have lots of them and small spacing. They primarily only hold the shape and keep the top and bottom skins apart. You have that much contact surface that you have a lot of structural strength. This is a great demonstration of that theory in practice.
 Geoff Moase at Dovetail Surfboards here on the Gold Coast makes a nice board with lots of detail, care and attention to his workmanship. It is easy to see his skills here even in the frame detail which will never be seen by anyone except himself as he builds it.
Nice work, clean and simple when it all comes together.
 Plenty of clamps and a good thing that it is on a rocker bed to help take all that extra weight as he builds the board.
Nice outline.
 The butt , pre tail block and finishing.
 Nice detail work gives a board an edge.

 A sweet looking board that weighs in not much heavier than a foam version. It is very light for a wooden board of this construction method.
Check out Geoff's blog to see other projects he has on the go.

And remember if you are after Paulownia timber raw or milled into panels , rail bands or for framing
Geoff can help you there as well.

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