Sunday, July 15, 2012

The process

 We all have different ways of building boards and it is always good to see how different people approach this. Here is Chris Cook's ideas ... " This is a recent experimental project I've been working on. The project combines some seldom used techniques that make certain parts of the HWS building process quicker and easier. "
" The rocker shape that follows the outline of the surfboard is cut out of a solid piece of wood and then ripped down to 1/4"-3/8" strips. These strips are then glued together, bent and clamped in a jig that will give them the shape of the outline of the surfboard. I install a nose and tail block which will also help hold the rail pieces in place."
" The rails are beveled and then the plywood deck skin is clamped tight to the angled rails which gives the deck a smooth natural curve throughout the length of the board."
  " I attached a diagram that shows how I install the deck first and then the internal framework."
" I attached some pictures of the rail pieces in the jig, and the deck having been attached to the rails.  On my site there are more pictures and I will have more soon of the finished project."

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Juanma said...

Fantastic boards.
What kind of wood do you use for building them??? (sorry for my english)
I have written a message in other post. I would like to try one.
Do you have any cd for sale???