Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two boards at once means busy mornings and nights.

Yes it has been busy laminating railbands on the fish and the log each morning and then again at night.

6mm Paulownia cut to the rocker of the board and lots of tape to pull it into line.

It looks a bit of a mess with all the extra glue, but she will be right.

The fish nearly done...

The 10 footer was a bit easier as I could glue a strip on each side at once as they don't meet.
Last set on .
Now into it with the hand plane to knock off the extra timber.
The cheap electric is all you need to buzz this lot off.

Coming together and starting to clean up. All good.

Trimmed the extra length off ready for a tail block. At this stage you get a good feel for the final look of things. Still plenty to do but this is the exciting part.
More soon.

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