Sunday, June 6, 2010

Franks new fish takes shape

I Designed a fish for Frank to build as his second board and he has just sent me some pics and info to share .
"The fish board has been started and is progressing quite well. I now have all the timber I need for it and have some progress pics for you. I had the plan shapes printed full size by the plan printers in Southport as you suggested and then cut them out to use as templates."

" This is going to be a more lightweight build than the longboard, with the frame constructed of 4mm marine ply and having only one 4mm centre stringer. At the beginning of the frame construction it was not nearly as rigid as the longboard, but once the rails were on it was much improved "

The frames seem to be coming together really well.

" For the centre board for the deck and bottom I wanted something strong as well as contrasting, choosing the hardwood amoora. With the amoora glued on top and bottom of the centre stringer and having fibreglass fillets on all four inside corners there is now a very strong I-beam the length of the board."

" The remainder of the board will be built using paulownia and western red cedar with two hardwood fins. "

Frank has gone with adding each plank one at a time rather than a skin layup as this is what he is comfortable with. There are no right and wrong ways of doing any of your building project. We all have different ideas and amounts of time , tools and resources to put to use.So just be comfortable with what you are doing and nut it out your way is fine.

Thanks Frank for sharing you project.

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