Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last of the wood shed action

The more clamps the better some times...Make sure that you have a breather hole drilled at this point ,as once that bottom skin goes on , she all becomes a sealed unit and will be under pressure with any temperature changes . I have seen boards let go and concaves turn into nose bubbles. Not pretty and very disappointing after all the hard work you have gone through.Also be sure that you have holes in your frames linking all chambers of the board for the same reason.

Well the bottom skin was all glued down and clamped up on the Alley Slider.

Got the trim router onto the fish and knocked off the overhang on the rails top and bottom. The rail band acts as a guide. The glues makes for a bumpy outline .

One side nearly cleaned up.

Small sharp block plane is the answer.

The home made shaping stand comes in handy here.

Pretty good now , all the glue gone and planed down to the clean pre shaped foam. A nice sand and check the outline is flowing and true. This is a very telling part of things so far. Up till now in the build it has all been internal and a structural focus. But now what you do is there for all to see. If you are to run a cedar pin line say, then it will be highly visible as to how smooth that outline is.It is now also that you get a true sense of what the board will weigh , look and feel like as it is now a 3D version of all the 2D pieces of the jigsaw puzzle you have been handling.
So I waited for the glue to set , which is about 2 hours with the polyurethane glue we are using and loaded the boards and rail bands onto the truck. Next is to laminate the rail bands on and the tail and nose blocks , prior to shaping the rails at home.

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Duncan FitzGerald said...

Precision work as always mate. The boards are looking great.