Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tony's board finished and road tested.

Ride report - " Surfed for about 2 hours off the shops at Lennox in 1 - 2ft clean beachbreaks. didn't leak (very important), paddles pretty well, good volume, caught heaps of waves, took a while to get used the nose riding rocker, not as loose as I expected after riding the pintail yesterday however moving the fin up may fix that, trims nice and gets good momentum. Suspect that it will be at home in small point waves, would like it to be a bit more agile so will keep playing with fins until I get it feeling like I can change direction when I want. 10" greenough fin looks at home"


Jose. said...

Great work!

Woody Logic Surfboards said...

Great looking board. Glad it's working for you.