Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wooden Surfboard Day today , Sunday 9th August

Well today is the day and as I fired up the Mac to check emails , this is what was on screen. Troy makes some nice boards in Austin Texas USA and it's great to have support from around the world. I hope that this is the start of something and that you guys out there organise wooden surfboard days in your neck of the woods.

Thanks Troy for your support, I look forward to meeting you sometime.

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Erik J said...

Looks like something great is right around the corner. I have been building wooden boards for about six years here in Maine and have to tell you that there is already an amazing community of both shapers and surfers out here dedicated to the craft. It would be awesome to actually organize an event recognizing "Wooden Surfboard Day". I am pretty sure that New England would have quite a turnout. Good health to you all!

Erik Johannes