Friday, August 7, 2009

Final Day of the Hollow wooden board building at The Eco Village

It was a big day today and lots to get done to finish the boards.Lots of noise and dust most of the day. The boys were loving it to see their boards get rails and to start shaping them.

Gerard would rather be doing this than be at his desk as a solicitor.

6mm thick strips of cork and 4mm strips of bending ply builds out the rails
Contact cement and lay them up

Then rout them down and get rid of the excess
Tony sanding between layers
Cleaning up the excess

Jimmy went with just layers of bending ply. You can see the frame and rail band .
Radha gets into the sanding to bring that shape to life

Herald hard at it to get his board done and off to the glasser to make the flight back to Japan

Greg doing a nice job of the 9 footer
Time to trim the tail and make way for the tail block
There you go thets what the construction and structure is like.
Rahda ready to rock and roll. He even had time to shape his fins.
Jesse , pretty happy with his days work and why not. A great experience.
Long day and the boys are still at it.

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