Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 4 of hollow wooden board building at The Eco Village

Day four started a little earlier as we needed to get a lot done today.The decks and bottoms had been been glued on and some finer sanding to do.

Jesse smoothing things out on the 5ft 10" fish.
Phil gets into routing off the overhang on the deck skin.

Greg just taking in his handy work. He is doing a nice job.
Tony gets a hand to rout off the deck skin overhang.
Herald's got a nice looking 9 footer coming together to take back to Japan with him.
Tony hand planes the the outline.

Jesse pretty please with what is taking shape.
Paul takes time out to be interviewed for the Channel 9 local tv news and Daily News paper as well.
Rahda tackles the butt crack on his fish.