Monday, August 3, 2009

First day board building class at The Eco Village

The first day of the hollow wooden board building classes at The Eco Village in Currumbin has gone well. The guys all turned up with tools and keen to learn from Paul Jensen. An interesting mix of guys from all over and from their 20's to 50's.Herald even flew out from Japan to join us for the week. So the day was about meeting each other and getting familiar with the workshop , as we are working in what will be the recycling centre for the Eco Village community. Then it was down to selecting from the timber I supplied and sorting colour , book matching and grading. Paul was on hand to guide the guys and cut thinner strips where required. The boys taped these together with masking tape and then later in the day glassed what will be the underside of the strips.
Damo choosing and sorting his timbers for the top and bottom of his board. I had supplied Western Red Cedar and Paulownia finish sanded to 4mm thick and in various widths.
Jimmy Holt looks deep in thought as to how it will all come together.
Jimmy has Paul Jensen cutting a stack of boards at 45 degrees to do something different.
Phil Ascot , checking that he has enough width as he select a few sticks.
Radha didn't muck around and got into it pretty quickly and had his coming together well.

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