Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 3 at the Eco Village hollow wooden board course

Day 3 started with a bunch of the boys again catching some nice little winter sliders at The Alley before class .

Top and bottom skins sanded and the outline cut out ready for the next step.
Paul the centre of attention as to guys look on , lining up the frame to clamp the deck in place.
Clamped and ready to commit to gluing it all in place.
Herald and Paul's wife Pam getting set to place the frame on a 9 footer.
Steve Solomon a jeweller from Brisbane helps Greg Wheeldon an architect from Brisbane to get it all lined up.
We have a great space here in what will become the recycling centre for the Eco Village.
Tony decided to make the 7ft 3" into a pin tail
Gerard and Phil hold tight as Jesse gets the clamps all on.
Some nice colours in the cedar

The 9 footer coming along
Radha can't wait for the glue to go off and get the bottom on.
Jesse looks pretty pleased with the progress to date.

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