Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New wooden board builders in the UK to check out

We are a new and small group of talented carpenters, with a love of surfing, and we are commited to providing a realistic and affordable alternative to the plastic and foam body boards and surfboards which have until now dominated the industry.
We build hand crafted hollow wooden surfboards, in an attempt to make the surfing industry a little more environmentally friendly, one surfboard at a time.
We strive to do this at an affordable price, charging on average a 1/3rd less than our competitors, and even less when compared to certain wooden surfboard companies. We are able to do this simply due to the fact we are in this business because we enjoy it. We don’t pay ourselves more than we need, and we keep it simple by using manual methods instead of large, very expensive machinery.
We also use high quality Redwood (not red in colour) that is significantly cheaper than Cedar, and the only downside of this is a very slightly heavier finished product. Our boards are still a very realistic weight, not heavy to handle, just as you would expect from a wooden surfboard. Our choice of wood and our lack of unnecessary machinery means that we can afford to charge realistic prices for surfers who want something that looks as beautiful as it rides.
We believe surfers should have complete control over all aspects of the board they buy, at no extra cost. We take the time to build boards from scratch to the customers exact request.
If you would like to hear more or ask us any questions, please do so via our Contact Us page, and make sure to check out our Shop.

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