Monday, February 10, 2014

Agave board made in Haiti

Simon Deprez is a French architect, working in Haiti as an urban planner for the reconstruction of some neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.He has sent me these great shots of his latest surfboard to share with us.

"Working in Haiti might be tough so when you got some time for you, you really enjoy the crazy landscapes and even some great waves. But no surfshop around in case you didn’t bring your board, so you have to built your own!
After gathering agave wood for few weeks and find some fiberglass and resin, I attempted to shape a board (7’0 and some volume for my size and the small carribean waves), thanks to the crucial advice of thomas scott from brasil (agave surfboard expert as you know!).
I’ve just finished it today, as a first attempt, I comitted severals mistakes (specially on glassing), but it should work!
Let’s try it next week end !"

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Unknown said...

I'm Haitian and I would like to buy a Agave Board for my boyfriend, does the creator have an email address or a shop?