Monday, February 17, 2014

Building the wooden Agave board

 Selected stick fine tuned with the electric planer
 Using the hand plane and a guide
 First glue up of two sticks
 First templates
 Templates and wood to be sorted
 Clamping and gluing sticks together
 Slowly building a blank of wood to work with
 The finished blank , lots of work for sure.
Rough shaped
Filling holes prior to glassing


Glenn Parker said...

I live in AZ and have been trying to info on agave wood harvesting for a surfboard. After they shoot when do you harvest, how do you dry? etc…. I have access to a huge supply every year.Thanks.GP

FreeParty said...

I can help you with all the agave knowledge you need. Contact me at THEPITERAMAN@GMAIL.COM.

Basically you are dealing with the sun destroying your "wood" so you should learn the colors of the death cycle of the plant. Browns and greys are good for harvesting. You can cut the red but they will take longer to air dry. Dont even bother with yellow or green. I can tell you more about this but the best way to learn is through observation. Also identifying the type of agave helps knowing the growing cycles, different varieties bloom at different times of year.