Saturday, February 8, 2014

Balsa gun

Kun_tiqi & Phil Grace teamed up for Big Wave Gun Project.
Last summer, the young gun in our team asked for a wooden surfboard to charge big waves. And when Nagai Puntiverio means big, it means BIG!
Over the last years he lived the endless winter to charge big waves in Puerto Escondido/ Mexico, Australia, Mavericks/ California or at home in Cantabria.
Kun_tiqi heard his call and found the best shaper for this job: Mr. Phil Grace !
In 1969 Phil Grace shaped his first surfboard back home in Australia at the age of 19. Since then he never stopped. In those 45 years Phil shaped for Rip Curl, co founded Quiksilver Surfboards France in 1987 and shaped boards for surf legends like Jeff Hakman.
Phil is an “old school” shaper and did a few balsa wood surfboards back in the days. Due to his balsa surfboard shaping skills and experience in big wave guns Phil Grace was the right man for this job.
The surf behavior of wooden surfboards is exceptional good in big waves. Balsa Surfboards have a lot of inertia what helps to drop down the wave´s face fast, even on windy days. Uneven parts of the wave or wind chop is absorbed by the wood and gives more stability and control in critical moments. Exactly what you need on big days!
Phil Grace & Kun_tiqi just finished the board by time for the big swells...

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