Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quentin's new board

 Quentin Delion is from the South West of France. After following my blog he decided to make his own wooden surfboard.
 "It's a full paulownia surfboard without resin & fiberglass, it's a 5'8 x 20" 4/5 x 2"1/2 .The weight is about 6 kg. So I'd like to share it with everybody"

He started by gluing up a large panel of paulownia and foiling it to the deck and bottom rocker he was wanting.
 The central core has frames inserted and then the bottom skin is clamped and glued on.
 The excess timber is routed away
 The deck skin is clamped and glued on
 The outline is cut and cleaned up to reveal the true shape of things to come
 Looking good
 The plan of attack on the rails and knowing where you have timber to work with without going into the chamber / core
 The lights help make it way easier to get a neat and tidy finish. You can see your cut lines and the flow of what you are doing.Then you can gradually blend them all together for a clean finish.
 He has done a great job

 Nice ...
He has started with a large amount of timber and then taken plenty away to end up with a very nicely finished board. He must have a large pile of shavings. There are many ways to build a wooden board and there are no wrong ways of doing it. It is a challenge no matter how you go about it and there is no easy way as I have said many times. It is best to start with a method you are comfortable with and as you go you will learn from your experience and fine tune your method or think of new ones. That is the challenge of what we do.

 Nice job Quentin and thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to future projects.
He has oiled the board for a nice satin finish
Here's his facebook album.

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